PNG Infographic 20130827182938 Resized WEBThe opening of the Mainohana Secondary, Vocational and Technical School is being held today, on Tuesday, 27 August, in the Central Province PNG.

The Mainohana Development Project is just one of 20 projects funded in Phase III of the Incentive Fund. Almost AUD $5,000 was granted to the Diocese of Bereina to improve education facilitates in the area.

Physical infrastructure and education outputs achieved to date are highlighted in the adjacent infographic.

65 percent of the twenty projects funded in Phase III are in the education and 35 percent are in the health sector. This reflects the Government of PNG’s development priorities and complements the broader Australian aid program’s sectoral support. The 20 projects in Phase III have utilised the total grant funding of AUD $60million.

Originally established in 2000, the Incentive Fund has now provided finance for thirty-nine projects, at a total of over AUD $1 million. These projects have ranged from the redevelopment of schools and hospitals to the construction of marketplaces and bridges.

The map HERE highlights the diversity of projects funded across all three project phases.

All projects support the goal of the Incentive Fund, “To deliver significant and immediately tangible economic and/or social development outcomes for men, women, and children”.

Coffey manages the Incentive Fund on behalf of AusAID.